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anything goes

-a poem for the New Year

chickens are wearing sweaters now
“relatable” is a writer’s highest praise
rain in California is graded by severity on a scale of one to five
the world is too hot
this room too cold
if life is a choice
then we are all the makers of our own misfortune
if luck–some call it god–is a force,
then choice is nothing more than soup or salad
most people regret the things they didn’t do
and reconcile each mistake
as a footstep on the road to now
as if now is any place to envy
now only houses what we know
and have grown accustomed to
in olden days
a glimpse of stocking
cole porter smirks, pours swill from a champagne glass
his piano covered in confetti made of recycled newspapers
the past is always played in a minor key
and mostly played for laughs
something shocking
heaven knows
what the rains will bring
in this new year
this bold ignoble now
dolled up in the pearls of Madame Future
a glimpse of her shadow in the looking glass
shrugged off like a mink coat
never to be seen again


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